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Our History

In 2008 RFK Financial was founded by Mr. Barry Rosinger, Mr. David Farkash, And Mr. Yehuda Konstam. After years of work in the life insurance industry they had heard it all and seen it all. One thing they all saw that left an impression more than anything the was the anguished faces of many young men and women. These were not the faces of beneficiaries receiving a much-needed check; no these were the faces of actual clients, so why were they perturbed?

What was the answer, and how would they ever figure it out?  Well one of the advantages of intelligent team work is realizing that no individual is psychic, so we started to ask our clients.

It turns out that our clients, regardless of how much money we helped them earn or save or protect left feeling like they had been to an honest mechanic. They were confident they had not been over charged and they could see themselves that the car or in our case “the policy” behaved properly, but they did not understand how it worked. They said they felt the same way when their mechanic, who they trusted, would show them what he was going to change and fix.

Could that be all, was that it?  Yes!

That was our aha moment. That’s when we realized what the problem is and the solution; we needed to invest more time into educating our clients. This was the foundation of RFK. An educated client is a happier client and an educated client realizes how good of a job you are doing for them. We don’t build financial black boxes, we shy away from overcrowded and confusing spreadsheets and never mind explaining even the simplest concepts in insurance because we know that in this field an educated client is your biggest asset. 

As we moved forward with our new strategy as the bedrock of our corporate philosophy we noticed that our percentage of clients by way of referral began to sky rocket. It turns out that many of our clients never discussed their life insurance plans with family and friends because they were nervous. They worried they could not explain the details or intricacies of the financial tools at use and would look foolish. On the other hand, clients that understood what we had done for them and the wonderous ROI for the plans and propositions we suggested could not be happier than to explain it to everyone they spoke with.

With that little discovery our office has grown exponentially, and our Partner/Agents have consistently been ranked within the top ten agents of the year for the last 10 years. The respective expertise that each partner brings to the table, greatly benefits our vast nationwide clientele.

We look forward to incorporating the strength of RFK Financials’ past with your plan for your future.