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Our Process

Our process is client centric. We have met with thousands of people over the years and through experience we have learned that the only constant is how different everyone is. We don’t have a cookie cutter process because we don’t have cookies for clients. We service real people with real families that have real responsibilities and real obligations. We cannot afford to make assumptions or mistakes because we know what is on the line, and that is why our process is professional, meticulous and rigorous; while maintaining the human feel and concern that we have become known for.

Every case begins with a comprehensive meeting between our team and prospective client. We realize that many life insurance salesmen also just want five minutes of your time with the promise to wow and impress. We don’t want five minutes and we also don’t want to impress you with amazing deals and time sensitive offers. We are not selling used cars or timeshares. This is about offering financial security and peace of mind and while financial security may be easier to accomplish; peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

Once a proposal has been handcrafted, explained, and delivered our clients can rest assured knowing that we remain their dedicated agents. In fact, not only do we monitor your accounts to make sure they remain current and up to date, but we also make sure that they remain sufficient policies to protect your ever changing and growing circumstances.  

Our process is client centric and our staff is client oriented. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our agents and see for yourself how RFK Financial is different.