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Barry Rosinger

Barry Rosinger has always had a knack and interest in finance. As a young man with a
growing family; he decided to commit himself to an industry that would allow for
personal and professional growth coupled with adding real value to his clients’ lives.
With that choice Barry turned his passion into his profession and entered the world of
life insurance in 2008. Through hard work and perseverance he quickly found his stride
and success; qualifying for prestigious industry awards, including the honor of Agent of
the year for Guardian Life Insurance of America. When Barry and his partners founded
RFK Financial their goal was to create an office and environment where their client
centric focus could be coupled with industry experience, and they brought that vision
into reality. He is known and sought after for his passionate talks and workshops; which
are knowledge packed, high energy, and entertaining. He is a committed activist for the
Boro Park Jewish Community and a friend to all. He is a devoted husband and father and
we are very proud to have Barry as a key member of our team.